The Best Way to Manage Alcohol at the Office Party

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Many businesses organise an annual Christmas party for their staff. They provide an opportunity to meet each other in a less formal way, to get to know each other better, to enjoy each others company. In some organisations they are used as a means of providing a treat for staff, to reward for their hard work throughout the year.
For some people the shame and dread of recalling their drunken behaviour at a previous office party, compounded with fear of it happening again can make them apprehensive about attending. There is a dilemma: if they choose not to go they risk drawing unwanted attention to themselves; if they choose to go how do they avoid a repeat performance.
Here are some thoughts on the subject:
Socializing at work is best treated as an extension of your business environment. At times you allow yourself to relax a little, but should never forget where you are. Many people enjoy good relationships with work colleagues and over time some may become good friends. But treating your workplace and your reputation with respect is important.
Having said that, occasionally blowing off a little steam can be forgiven, if not completely forgotten by others. Ensuring that last year's craziness does not become a dreaded annual event saves you from being regarded as a loose cannon in social situations.
So, why not:
- Arrive a little later. Some people like to start partying as early as possible after the close of business. They may go to the bar immediately after work and have several rounds of drinks before others arrive. By going home to shower and change you can delay the start of your drinking and miss several rounds.
- Alternate alcohol with soft drinks or water.
- Have something to eat. Snacks, a meal all soak up alcohol and provide an opportunity to drink a little slower and reduce your alcohol intake.
- Notice the pace that others are drinking and aim to drink a little slower. Your tolerance for alcohol may be different to theirs. If others want to seriously party that's their decision. Let the focus be on someone else this year.
- Attach yourself to the more sensible element of the party. You may not have such a wild time, but this decision may provide the opportunity to meet and network with people whom you may not normally have the chance to meet.
- Excuse yourself from rounds of drinks by saying that you're driving or have a busy day/ early start the next day.
- Arrange for a taxi or someone to pick you up before the heavy drinking sessions start.
Plan to keep some control and if the worst happens remember that others have been drinking too. They probably also said or did things that they later regret. Their recollection of events is unlikely to be totally focussed on your behaviour and antics. However, if the need arises, ensure that you apologize immediately and with genuine remorse.
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