Ladies, Why Not Throw a WeTalk Shrink Party?

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Many of us have had occasion to attend ladies parties where fashion, jewellery, lingerie are on sale as part of the evening's entertainment. They are often good fun, providing the opportunity to catch up with many of our friends and perhaps meet the occasional new person.
But there may be times when we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our issues in a more constructive way, perhaps share our thoughts and feelings, get a little advice, perhaps be steered to a new, more beneficial way of thinking. Combine this with a cocktail and some nibbles and it makes the perfect setting for a fun, insightful ladies evening.
Why not have a ladies party with a difference and throw a WeTalk Shrink Party?
Women are good at talking, gossiping, offering each other advice, but often discussions can go round in circles, covering old ground. Including a professional counsellor provides more focus and direction in discussions. With a WeTalk Shrink party, topics are suggested that make for stimulating, insightful discussions.
This is not meant to be a therapy evening, but rather an opportunity to include a professional therapist in a social event and discuss topics close to one's heart. The evening may be a fun mix of topics that are of interest to women in general, like men, guilt, responsibility, children. Or the event can be tailored to a specific agenda, like being newly single, coping with motherhood, stresses at work, bereavement.
The therapist ensures that everyone has their say, asks questions to get everyone thinking, maybe challenges perspectives or introduces other viewpoints. She helps the evening stay on track and may even include positive visualisation work or de-stressing exercises. Each party is tailored to suit the particular requirements of each group.
A WeTalk Shrink Party provides the opportunity to stop and remind ourselves of our good fortune. We may forget that we have a good job, lovely children (mostly), a supportive partner, good health. Day-to-day life often glosses over the good aspects of our life as we take them for granted.
It also provides an opportunity to review the areas that we simply tolerate; maybe they can be handled differently. A WeTalk Shrink party provides time to decide what parts of our life we feel ready to change and what needs to happen to benefit and improve those areas.
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