How to Create a Responsible Work Force

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Increasingly staff morale is falling as people feel that their work situation is vulnerable. Pay, work conditions and job security are increasingly uneasy topics of conversation. February 1 has been identified as being the day of highest sickness levels in the UK. Overall morale is falling. Let us look at how this situation can be improved.
Sickness levels due to stress and stress related illness are increasingly rising. As a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist I find that many of my clients feel that their work environments are becoming more demanding with higher targets, bigger volumes of work and longer hours all becoming more and more expected of them. As company bosses become more pressurised there is less time for them to recognise of the efforts of more junior staff, with several of my clients feeling that they are flying solo for much of the time.
For many people being appreciated is almost worth more than a pay rise. I have worked with several clients who have left a well paid, responsible job for one where they were paid less but felt more supported with a better, more caring situation. Feeling valued is not just about the pay packet. Many people in extremely well paid jobs end up feeling trapped and resentful, unable to leave because have come to rely on the money.
So how can we improve the work environment and have all staff on board, feeling more motivated?
- Regular briefings. Many people appreciate senior managers giving regular updates on what is going on in the business. This can help stop rumours and undercurrents, especially if there is a truthful question and answer session at the end.
- Company newsletter. This is a good way of introducing new staff, new policies and updates to staff for them to read at their leisure. Each issue can be used as a way to spotlight a particular aspect of the business.
- Staff member of the month. This can help people feel motivated to achieve particular goals and feel proud and recognised to do so. A healthy sense of fair competition can be good for everyone.
- Suggestion box. This can be an anonymous way of getting feedback from staff.
- Positive strokes. These are an important way of saying 'Thank you for a good job, well done'. No riders should be added, like 'Keep it up' or 'Try to do that every time'. Enjoy allowing someone to bask in the praise and recognition of doing well.
- Delegate. Allow staff to have their own tasks or projects that they are responsible for. Ensure that they have proper training and a clear sense of what needs to be done, but allow them to learn, grow and stretch their skills and be proud of what they accomplish.
- Training. Regular training lets people feel that the company is interested in their development and is also a good way of allowing staff members to meet other people from the company who they would not normally have the chance to meet, and learn more about the overall business.
- Team building. Working together is a major part of any business. Many staff work from home or have to cover several sites in their working week. Team building courses remind them that they are part of an organisation, with all that that entails, all the different functions that support them in their roles and enable them to do their jobs.
- Company socials are a relaxed way for staff to meet out of hours. Often people show a different side to themselves at these events and they are a good way for people to see the 'human' face of each other.
- Open door policy, where managers allow staff to speak with them and discuss any issues or concerns that they have either to do with business or personal matters. When people feel valued and respected, trust that they are supported and do not have to deal with things on their own or keep them bottled up, then they perform better.
All of these are important ways of appreciating that staff are human beings with personal as well as business lives. Providing a supportive, understanding working environment builds a positive workforce who are happy and committed to their job and the company.
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